Personal and business ( business training )

Typically, training is divided into personal and business ( business training ) . It is said that personal training sessions aimed at changing the personality characteristics of the person, and business training courses do not touch the person , engaged in the transfer of knowledge and tools that are relevant to business ↑. This division is popular, but incorrect . This is the same as the share sour and soft. Distinguish between personal and business training , you can: of course , they usually differ in the audience , and the illustrations , and the coach used the dictionary, but oppose them illiterate.

Personality – a key point of a successful business . If the employee is qualified by the nature of a child, we will deliver it to leadership positions . If our deputy did not know how to talk to important clients , this will have to deal with us, those who know how . If we lose the energy of life , you do not want to get up in the morning and in the evening to go home – this has usually followed by capital losses . If, in our business, staffed with clear objectives , collaborative installations , positive and responsible people – then , our business has prospects .

In business, you can work with the person , and in the personal training business issues easily addressed .

Training on ” Money ” can be the brightest and personal training , and can be a typical business training all depends on the coach and used them to format . Business Training ” Stressmenedzhment ” usually has the same content as the personal training ” Managing emotions .”