Corporate Training

Corporate trainings are conducted with the staff of some organization (group of companies) commissioned by the management. That is, the employees of this organization are required to undergo training in order to improve their skills. In most cases, this training business, professional skills , and the payment of the coach usually spends company .
Varieties of corporate training

Corporate trainings are divided into groups:

1. management :

the formation of the mission and the development of strategies for its implementation – we got a clearly defined mission, which is taken internally and is supported by all participants of the training , as well as specific strategic plans for its implementation;
effective decision-making – we got ready to meet the challenges that were posed to the participants , as well as to develop the skills of decision-making among the participants ;
Optimization of organizational change – the optimal plan of organizational change , to develop the skills of the participants change management ;
forming leadership skills – the presence of leadership qualities and skills training participants and others.

2 . Marketing :

marketing management in the enterprise – participants learn the tactics and strategy of marketing management in the enterprise;
art sales;
effective feedback from users ;
effective presentation ;
work with the claims of customers;
study of the needs of consumers ;
successful exhibition .

3 . staffing :

technologies for effective search of new employees ;
The induction ;
team building ;
effective communication ;
interpersonal interaction ;
conflict resolution;

4 . safety:

commercial intelligence and counterintelligence ;
Organization of corporate security.

Corporate and open trainings

Most of the training centers involved in business training, specializing in corporate, public and not for training . If you managed to sell corporate training , he held (excluding the situation of force majeure ) . Had declared an open training on a specific date to the last day is usually not clear how many people will be there .

Another question about the mood of the audience. On the corporate training people often need to “rock “, because many of the participants come from a sense of “We need leadership , not me .” Followers of open trainings in comparison with an audience of corporate training is generally more lively and interested ( as people came for yourself) .