Pre-Season Programs

Business and personal training


Often contrasted with business and personal ( psychological) training . First decide what kind of business challenges , the second – solve personal problems. First – bring money , the second – take away , and there is an empty pastime for people not quite dushevnozdorovyh .

This is – a myth and confusion . The reality is more complex , more interesting and different.

First, do not confuse the psychological training and psychotherapeutic work. Words like , the content of ( often ) very different . For more details see Developmental Psychology and Psychotherapy

Secondly, take the money can (and very often carry ) and business training , if you have not been done at least one of the required components: the aim, experienced and qualified coach , motivate members , the organization is ready to change the training participants … If these conditions are met, the money ( good money ) and bring a quality personal training , if understood and defined its purpose , the participants personally motivate (best – paid for the training themselves , and not the organization ) , the coach is working professionally. The norm for participants effective personal training is an annual doubling of revenue over three years.
Differences between business and personal training

Clear boundaries between business training and personal training – no. To determine the specific type of training , you need to take into account the theme and style of the coach , and the contingent .

1. Theme. The trainings can be

obviously a business ,
clearly personal ,
both business and personal .

Most of the themes of personal training quality work at an efficient business and successfully marketed as a business training .

2 . Format : atmosphere, style and way of presenting the training, its written and unwritten rules .

The business format trainings are very organized , strictly , accurately and at a good pace – especially considering the fact that the business usually think faster and clearer than their neighbors out of business.

Training in personal format different brightness, freedom and looseness, and the fact that apparently sometimes seems disorganized , is an intensive deep inner work and personal dynamics.

Whether , however , the atmosphere is clear criterion of training ? No. The larger the business is related to the human factor , the greater the clearest business training acquire the features of personal training . And the more successful as a business coach , the more often he holds any personal training in a business format .

3 . Contingent . Businessmen, entrepreneurs , executives and employees – if the participants are aware of themselves in these categories , but rather a business training . If the trainees come from personal, not necessarily business interests – this is more personal training .

Many successful coaches in fact conduct personal training business with a contingent , including the business elite. Business people – the same people . Moreover, they understand better than anyone what the personality – the basis of the business. Important for them to pick up the staff with which to do business – and train them leaders you can trust important projects . And this is not just a business theme, it’s psychology, character types , attitudes and motivation.

4 . Accents and illustrations : it seems that it is often the determining factor . If the training on goal setting (like business training ), the coach is on the part of the female audience , which is actual goal of ” marriage ” business training becomes personal . If the theme of “Effective Communication” presented from a business perspective , through the eyes of a businessman with examples of successful business , if the results of this training is proposed to measure the increase in real annual income of participants – this means that like personal themes in this case is clearly a business .

Training on ” Leadership and management : effective techniques influence” (the program “Business Standard” ) in the audience is the business elite business training on content held in the style of personal growth trainings . This is as true as the fact that it is a personal training session , devoted to current business topics and conducted in a business format .
Personality Development Training

Personal development training can have two different orientations – both personal and business . Training ” Man among men” is the personal focus, it’s not for business . A range of training “Personality in the business “, while remaining personal growth trainings , a very clear business purpose and is relevant primarily for business travelers.

Personality – a key point of a successful business . If the employee is qualified as a child , we will deliver it to leadership positions . If our deputy did not know how to talk to important clients , this will have to deal with us, those who know how . If we lose the energy of life , you do not want to get up in the morning and in the evening to go home – this has usually followed by capital losses . If, in our business, staffed with clear objectives , collaborative installations , positive and responsible people – then , our business has prospects .