Unique Program

Great Source ( Master Class)

How to learn to feel to feel your body and how to help yourself to become healthy?
How does focus attention inward ?
How to open your inner space and harmonize it with what is happening in the outside ?
And why is all this necessary ?

These and other questions will be put on training and looking for answers together based on an effective set and years of experience.

This training will help you to reveal the wonderful taste of travel to its source and give the interior a rainbow of new colors , slightly open to the infinite possibilities of self-improvement , leading to help you feel the clarity and fullness, inner strength and fluidity , so once again come into contact with a new one.

” Great Source ” will help you :

Continue your path to Self-improvement ;
Increase the scope of methods of self-knowledge ;
Will provide an opportunity to feel the feelings and choose as needed to further the practice of Self-knowledge ;
Wonder what my body , health, and soul ;
Get the most powerful physical, psychological and emotional charge and thus harmonize these states in the Fullness of confidence and calm .

The training program includes , but is not limited to :

Elements of Dynamic Meditation ;
Elements of Yoga;
Elements of Qigong ;
Elements of the Fire Dance and other practices.

In training :

game format ;
meditative exercises ;
pleasant conversations ;
do not require special training exercises ;
fullness and health;
goodwill and joy.

Using a simple and effective exercises , consciously and carefully applying them in the process of self-knowledge through the body, we’ll go through the basic experiences and will learn to listen to yourself , to find cause and effect relationships , and answers to all the questions in themselves generate and store energy for future discoveries and achievements themselves to themselves , to the world itself , in order to enjoy life , to give peace and joy to create!