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Interpersonal conflict – the mutual hostility between the conscious actions of partners in dialogue or interaction.

In interpersonal conflict is an exchange of accusations. As a rule, in the ongoing conflict, there is the contribution of both , but the prosecution claims that one (the accused) ” warm and fuzzy ” and blame the other party . As a rule , the prosecution – is removing responsibility from himself and shifting responsibility to the other. The charge is clearly a conflict-prone , and does not solve the problem only inflame the situation further .
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Interpersonal conflict – is the result of a situation in which the needs, objectives, representations of a man at odds with the needs , goals and perceptions of the other. By Remark BF Lomov ( Lomov, BF On the problem of activity in psychology / / Psychological Journal ), ” the needs of people dictate their behavior with the same imperiousness , as the force of gravity – of a motion .”

Some believe that the conflict – is evil . A sign of intelligence and leadership skills – the ability to avoid conflict. In fact, the peace and quiet but God’s grace – characteristics of the cemetery , not actual current life, filled with a variety of conflicts. Conflicts do not only produce our negative emotions and stress, but also lead to real benefits , as they help to resolve the contradictions and figure out the main positions . So that the conflict can not only destroy the relationship , but rather to improve their dynamics , provide a strong impetus for empathy , clarifying the hidden agendas and attitudes lever to co …

In the literature, usually designated five strategies of conflict resolution :

avoidance or withdrawal ;
Device – coercion or force resolution of the conflict;
compromise ;