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Methodology : the requirements of the concept of ” personal growth ”

By ” personal growth ” different experts can understand ( and understand) very different things. If you do not agree to the general discourse , lose everything. How to negotiate ? What a concept will be the most promising ?

To take root among the experts, and to enter into life , the concept of “personal growth” should be:

Clearly specified , “scientific” , the notion of a specific test the boundaries ,
Adequate life and traditional practices ( people involved in personal growth , need to understand that this is about them )
Personal, social , business and professional attractive.

The personal appeal: personal growth to be really achievable and vital interests , to respond to the actual needs of people.

Social attraction : the concept of ” personal growth ” should have a good reputation , a crucial important social , professional or personal goals. At least – to be religiously neutral, not inconsistent with the values ​​of the main religious denominations.

Business attraction : its content must promise to business people increase business success.

Professional appeal: the concept of ” personal growth ” should be such as not to divide but unite professionals , cutting with non-professionals.