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Training of personal growth as navykovye training

Often contrasted with personal growth trainings , which are engaged in your personality , and training navykovye that your identity is not touched and engaged only in skills building . This is not entirely correct . [2] Training of personal growth – also navykovye only develop the skills they are not narrowly specific, universal , operating over a wide range.

Skill write with a pencil sticks from left to right – a skill . Drive a car, use a spoon , speak Russian or English , to give the lady a hand – this is the specific social skills. But the habit ” to include the head ” and make their own decisions , the skill of a positive attitude towards life , a skill constructive attitude to life, as well as the skill of responsibility and discipline – is also a skill, and not just personality traits . This is something that is produced in standard developments skills.

Suppose I am a seller in a luxury store , the seller is quite good, but I want to move forward : I need perspective. Pondering : I need to be nimble , and I do not know how to do the layout of goods, can not do the bright advertising , slow reading, poor holding on to the public , and often conflicting . If the training I learned how to lay out the items on display , gave a bright successful examples of advertising, taught rapid reading, otdressirovali behavior in public and taught conflict- phrases in typical conflicts – I went along . Only : if it was a personal growth or the acquisition of specific skills ?

The layout of the goods is likely to help only in the layout of the goods: this particular skill . Although if I was taught to look at the work of their hands from the point of view of the other person trained to think systematically , assessing the human response to the start of the entrance to the store before its release – it has moments of personal growth , as these skills will help me not only in the store , and in wide range of situations .

Education specific phrases to avoid conflicts of model – specifically , navykovoe training , socio- psychological training . Education is the emotional self-control , skill and ability to seize the initiative positive translation, the ability to understand the positive intentions of the people and constructively respond to them – this is the teaching skills , giving universal results , it is already training of personal growth.