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The method of constructing training programs Sinton

At the heart of Sinton program is a combination of behavioral approach and humanistic psychology. Sinton program incorporates an advanced design local psychologists in the field of active forms of learning , and psycho psihogimnastiki .

The basic tone classes in the synthon – a free , positive and constructive atmosphere, respect for the individual , encouraging debate and independent thinking . A waffle , negativism, and the position of the victim – in synthons are not welcome.
Educational base

Sinton program – not only psychological , but also pedagogical, educational program . In this regard, Sinton program is based on the traditional basic principles of the classical tradition of Russian and world pedagogy, using both modern experience , and own only the rich arsenal of methodological developments . Twenty five years of experience has made searching Sinton leader in the techniques of building personal training sessions. Continue reading